Wait, what even is Noobscape.net?

This site is proudly

Noobscape.net is my personal site for whatever I feel like doing. In the site's current state, I talk about things on my blog, and I have my weekly video & image features. I've also made a public database of my video game collection, which I personally use for my own documentation but also for others to enjoy. The organized list has been completed, but I'm still a great distance away from making pages for everything in my collection.

My overall site layout has been greatly inspired by kirbysrainbowresort.net, which is an awesome Kirby fansite that's been around for ages. The overall site aesthetic has been inspired by old geocities sites, current neocities sites, and probably some subconscious, primordial memories of exploring the internet as a kid that I can't quite pinpoint exactly.

Why NOOBscape.net? I dunno. It kinda sounded cool. Rolls off the tongue, you know? Clearly, I'm not by any means a master web designer. A noob, even. I mean, I would consider a webspace occupied by a noob to be something of a noobscape, right? Don't look too deep into it.

I hope that this site can be a place where other current or to-be site-building noobs can be inspired to build a cool personal site, so that I can have more free web content to enjoy lol.

Build your own dope as hell website where you can like, talk about your collection of amiibo tribute jars or some shit, you rancid fucker. Make something for you! In my opinion, forums and personal sites are pretty neat, and makes the internet feel a bit more alive.

Who the hell is the webmaster?

Backyard Smokin' in a Snuggie

I go by Noobsupreme, and I am the webmaster of this here website. If you want to tell me something, consult my contact page on where to find me. You can find the information that you seek there.

I'm a 23 year old dude from Oregon. My most prominent hobby is definitely playing/collecting video games, but some close contenders include working on this site and refurbishing old electronics. Besides that nerdy shit, I also enjoy exploring new places, photography, doodling foul little critters, making pixel art, and hanging with the homies.

I mainly game on PC these days when it comes to new games. With older stuff I prefer to play it on original hardware wherever possible. Some games are way too god damn expensive. I have my retro systems hooked up to an A/V switcher box, which connects to an RF modulator that's plugged into my TV. The CRT television that I found on the side of the road only has an RF jack. I'm not complaining though. It feels more authentic to have shitty video quality. Not everyone had top of the line Sony Trinitrons back in the day. I'm not coping, I swear!