Rest In Peace, Old Site Banner. What The Hell is This New One?

Say Hello to bg_miyoshi.png

Art September 13, 2023

R.I.P titlenoobscape.png


I'm stopping by the site today to give a brief explanation as to why I changed the site banner, and what the new site banner image even is.

While I liked the previous banner, I thought that this new image would be a cooler look. That's pretty much it. I'll probably change it again someday for the same reason, so I wouldn't get too used to this banner.

"bg_miyoshi.png" is an image that I slapped together with various parts. For the foliage and sky, I explored some random town in Japan, via google street view. This Japanese town happens to be a place called Miyoshi. I wandered around the town until I found something cool to sample. I don't remember exactly where it was or the direction that I was facing, but I think it was near a school or something? I took a screenshot of the street view, which portrayed a view of a lush, hilly, treelined region as well as a serene, mostly clear sky. I then played around with the saturation and hue until I got some cool vibrant colors.

I could have obtained a shot of some trees and the sky from anywhere in the world, and I went with Miyoshi, Japan. While you can't tell that the background is Miyoshi just by looking at the image, I figured that I would preserve the location in the file name.

As for the structures in this green landscape, I searched for images using terms like "castle" or "soviet architecture", and just kinda shrunk them down and put them in a place that looked good. I brought all of the buildings to a consistent grayscale. While the life-less, dead gray brings an degree of derelict-ness to the table, I feel what really sells it is the overgrown portions; most notably in the right-side structure.

The purple sky contributes an otherworldly feeling for sure. How long have the structures been in this state? Are they even on Earth? The lush greens make the rest of the world around the structures feel alive, especially as they overtake the old relics. Maybe some kind of cataclysmic event drastically changed the composition of the atmosphere, changing the color of the sky.

I didn't really have any particular vision when making bg_miyoshi. I just kinda made it.

I decided to wander around Miyoshi again in search of the original place that I took the screenshot, but I failed to find it. I did, however, find some other cool spots there. Take a look!

A neat downtown scene. Fairly short buildings, and plenty of cables.
I love how vibrant the view is from this bridge.
A random nook on the outskirts. The tunnel leads to a winding nature path.
Strange image artifacts when passing through the tunnel.
I particularly enjoy the duck sign in this image.