Why I Think Site-Building is an Extremely Satisfying Experience

Rambling August 31, 2023

There's something about a fresh, new project that always gets me excited. When a really cool idea for something appears in my head, I find it difficult keep it confined to my brain. I have to get to work on it immediately and invest all of my free time into it. If you've played Dwarf Fortress, think of those dwarves that get in a mood of some kind, drop everything to construct their craft, and then go into a murderous frenzy if they can't get their stupid fucking goatman-testicle-leather or whatever.

Noobscape.net is my current creative obsession right now, and it's such an awesome and incredibly satisfying project for me. I really want to build a platform for myself to get my thoughts out there, and to act as a sort of journal. It'll be fun to look back on blogposts in the future, and to reminisce or cringe at my past self. I also want to provide people with entertainment, helpful information, and useless (yet interesting) information. It will be fun to have a place where I can gush about the things I like, and to share some life experiences with people now and in the future. I believe that having many different perspectives on a subject is very important. Differing perspectives and personal experiences is one of the many spices of life.

Building this website has been a very rewarding experience! I am satisfying my desire to create something for myself and for others to enjoy; and it's just enjoyable to make something. I enjoy learning new skills, especially when it will result in creating awesomeness (hopefully). My excitement grows as I approach the goal of turning my ideas into something tangible, and it's especially motivating when it comes to overcoming the challenges that present themselves as I make my way to the finish line.

Something that I constantly push for here on the noobscape is for people to build their own websites. I feel that having a broad presence of decentralized personal sites, fansites, or other useful sites is a powerful method to maintain a fun, interesting, and often very strange internet. I feel that building something for yourself, or to somehow contribute something useful to society (not that my dumbass site is going to do that lmao), is a very positive and enriching thing to do for your own mental health, and can be honestly pretty therapeutic. I mean, I guess that goes with any creative endeavor.

Basically, you should build a site because that would be like, really cool, and I think that you would feel great when you do it.