SSX Tricky

Microsoft Xbox
Extreme Sports
  • NA: December 11, 2001
  • JP: N/A
  • EU: July 12, 2002
EA Canada

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SSX Tricky is a game that is deeply-rooted in my earliest memories with a controller in my hands. I have a primordial attachment and fascination with this game that runs deep, man.

I had my first impressions with this game was when I was around 5 or 6. The earliest that I can remember is sitting in the basement of a house that I lived in at the time. Plain, poorly-lit white walls, with a short grayish/blueish carpet. I sat on the old couch down there in awe, gazing at the gray-bezel CRT TV. The pulsing green ooze in the original Xbox's boot screen illuminated the room. Then "Tricky" by Run-DMC started playing and I knew I was in for some good shit.

The copy that I own today is unfortunately not my original copy from when I was a kid. I don't remember why, but at some point my family got rid of our old Xbox along with its games. The horrifically ugly platinum-hits copy that I own today was purchased from a local game store in 2015 for a just a few bucks. I remember seeing it on the shelf for $3, suddenly recalling that weird snowboarding game from when I was a kid. I bought that shit with no hesitation.

This game is a snowboarding game with an emphasis on doing tricks and grinding on rails. You're in a downhill race against other wacky competitors from around the world, each with interesting personalities to say the least. There's even some behind-the-scenes DVD content included on the disc, which I feel is a very cool thing to include in a video game. You can knock over the other snowboarders, collect power ups, and fill up your "tricky" meter by successfully pulling off tricks. You can drain your tricky meter in exchange for a speed boost by holding B. The game punishes you for failing a trick by instantly draining your tricky meter. Playing the game and completing challenges will unlock new characters, character outfits, and boards.

Some of the levels in this game get crazy. Initially you're going down some mostly regular mountains, then before you now it you're in some strange Y2K-futuristic map set in japan (Tokyo Megaplex), with air lifts and buttons to open doors. It's insanity.

Most levels have shortcuts that you can find as well. I remember accidently finding some of these as a kid. Like, how in the first map, instead of turning at a certain point you can keep going straight, and fly off a massive cliff down to the track below. It also provides an opportunity to do some mid-air tricks and fill up your meter. It's sick.

One of my favorite shortcuts that I discovered during a playthrough as an adult was the UFO flying above the rooftops in merqury city, which teleports you to another area of the level. If child-me were to find that it would have blown my mind!

SSX Tricky embodies a lot of a craziness of games from the 6th generation. So much personality and soul, from an EA game no less!

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