[February 18, 2024]


Briefly logging on to say that I want to focus on the real world for minute, so there won't be weekly features or any site changes this week. I should be back by next week, so I'll see you then!

[January 19, 2024]

Some changes have been made to the homepage!

I've revised the text a bit, adding new things while also attempting to sort of condense it.

I'm also trying out a couple of new boxes at the bottom of the page. One box shows the current features of the week. The other box shows the latest blog post. I think that these will be nice additions. You'll still have to visit their respective pages for more details, though.

[January 3, 2024]

Wow, 3 days in a row?

I felt like updating the site banner again, which is now 100 pixels less tall. I felt that the old height of 250 pixels took up too much space. Making the banner shorter allows for more of a page's contents to be visible without having to scroll. It's a minor change, and I prefer it.

The artwork is also new. I don't really have much to say about it, so I don't want to make a blog post on it like I did the previous time I changed it.

In short, I travelled to random places in Hokkaido on google maps, and sampled the screenshots below to piece together the new art. I played around with some effects and colors in paint.net, which resulted in something that I think is cool looking. I also threw in a palm tree from Sonic 1 with inverted colors for good measure.

My favorite change is the little box around the date and time, which I think makes it much easier to read.

If nothing looks different to you, try refreshing the page!

[January 2, 2024]

The gallery is now live! It's in a functional state, but I feel that it can be better. I'll definitely be playing with it more in the future, but as of now I'm happy enough with it. It's better than that navigation button leading nowhere. The images are all organized in a list alphabetically. This list can be navigated via the "next" and "previous" buttons.

Eventually I want the images to also have corresponding text with links to where they are used on the site.

Maybe I should look into doing some kind of search feature?

Just like the blog, a "Feeling Lucky?" button is present on the gallery page so that you can view a random image.

That's all I have to say for now. Until we meet again!

[January 1, 2024]

Welcome to the year 2024!

Man, that number's going to be weird to look at for the next week or so. I absolutely cannot wait to accidently write 2023 dates for the next month.

I had a good time last night. De-sobered myself and shot fireworks, as is tradition.

Oh yeah, I've archived last year's news feed. The archive can be accessed by clicking the "2023" button beneath the news feed window. The "reset" button will refresh the window with the newest news.

I hope that your first day in 2024 is a good one :)