[November 14, 2023]

Added a new lil feature to the blog page. There's now a "feeling lucky?" button, which will direct you to a random blog post when it is pressed. There are currently only 6 blog posts for it to choose from, but I think the random button will be a more interesting feature in the future when I have like, 10000 posts or something (we'll see if I get that far, lol).

This is what the new button looks like, I made it myself:

I've also written up a page for one of the more niche games in my game collection, Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park.

[October 31, 2023]

The weekly features have been updated! I apologize for not updating it over the last couple of days. Totally didn't realize what day it was until today lol!

[October 27, 2023]

Another blog post has gone live! Turns out that some dreamcast games have content that you can access with your PC, so I had to find out what my discs held within them. There is a MILD LEWD CONTENT warning on this post, which might catch you by surprise. It's really not that bad in my opinion, but I figured that I should give a heads up just so nobody is caught off guard by it. Read about my findings here!

[October 26, 2023]

How goes it? Kinda' been sprucin up the site a bit. I have a fancy marquee on the index page now. I've also been writing some content for the collection section! I've written a few game pages: 1080 Snowboarding (N64), SSX Tricky (Xbox), and Sonic The Hedgehog (Gen). Expect to see more in the near future!

Been working a bit on the shrine and gallery pages. The buttons on the navigation bar still don't lead anywhere, don't try it. Still trying to figure out what exactly I want the gallery to be, and the shrine page is mostly done but I need some shrines to put there. They've been mostly on the backburner for now as I've more been wanting to focus more on blog posts and game pages.

[October 22, 2023]

A new blog post chronicling my attempts to refurbish an old Macintosh Plus has been posted in the all-new technology topic! Check it out here!

Have you been keeping up with the weekly features? No?! Well, I've updated this week's featured video and image with something fresh that you might enjoy. The previous week's features still remain at the bottom of the featured page as well, just in case you missed out on last week!


[October 7, 2023]

New Castlevania post is live on the blog! Read about me and my roommate's Castlevania endeavors with Castlevania Bloodlines and Castlevania 64/Legacy of Darkness here! Damn, how many times can I say Castlevania in the span of a few sentences on an update regarding a Castlevania post?

[October 1, 2023]

Brief update! I've changed the featured video and image on the featured page, and I've extended the list of featured sites. The sites will always be a mostly static list of sites, with no scheduled or planned changes. However, I have decided that the featured video and image will be weekly features, which will change to something fresh and hot every Sunday.

Also, welcome to October! The weather here in Oregon is cooling down to a nice rainy season; another gorgeous fall season will shortly be upon us. Towards the end of the month I'll have to do something spooky for that moody and ominous time of year

Welp, that's it for now. Keep an eye out for future blog posts, which are on the way!

[September 20, 2023]

Some cool new site changes today! I've written some javascript which writes the site header and footer to each page. This doesn't really affect you whatsoever, but it does make it easier for me to work on my site. This change will allow me to change the header and footer without having to change it on every single page on the site (which isn't too bad right now, but it would be a pain in the ass once I get more pages in the future).

In other, more relevant news, I've established my game collection page and the featured page. Both of which are still a work in progress, but are in a useable state.

The game collection page documents all of the physical games that I own, organized by platform. There are some extra details as well, such as a game's genre and its condition. Each platform page has some text describing the console in some way. It could be my personal experiences with the platform or the platform's history, but ultimately I kinda just say whatever comes to mind about it.

The featured page contains a list of links to other cool sites or videos that you should totally check out.

A new blog post has also been written. Check it out here! For future reference, new blog posts will be marked with this icon.

Until next time,


[September 5, 2023]

I've got quite a few things to say today!

Things may or may not be broken. Please report any dead links or weird bugs!

The blog page is live! Now, while I know that in the previous update I mentioned that I would try to avoid spending to much time decorating with gifs, I predictably couldn't help myself and put some cool metal slug explosion gifs on the blog page. I found them in this neogaf thread, which has loads of buttery smooth metal slug gifs for your viewing pleasure!

There are only a few topics at the moment, each with only a single post. These are not all the topics that I plan to have, but it's a start. Rather than waiting until I complete at least one post for every planned topic, I have instead decided that I will launch the blog page with the blog posts that I have currently completed. More is destined to come!

At this moment, I am not sure if I want to continue fleshing out the blog at this point, or if I want to focus my efforts on the rest of the site. Currently, I'm leaning more in the direction of building the rest of the site, with occasional blog posts if something comes to mind. I'm really itching to put together my collection database.

The site has also recieved a bit of a visual overhaul. You may have noticed the new site banner; the origins of which I'll dive into in a blog post at some point. Not sure if I'm going to stick with the classic starry gif background indefinitely, but as of now I think it's a pretty cool vibe.

[August 24, 2023]

The site is starting to come together! The "Contact" and "About" pages are now live, and I've updated the newsfeed as well. It's probably not the best method of doing it, but it seems to work for now lol.

I'm primarily focussing on getting all the basic pages established and in a functional state. However, I am resisting the urges to decorate the site with cool gifs and other site decor for now (I can't help myself tho lol). Once the foundations are laid, I will go all out with making this site look cooler.

I want this site to be consistent, readable, and informative; but I also want there to be a bunch of cool shit around to look at.

[August 20, 2023]

As you can see, the site is online, and that's about all that can be said about it at this point. It's still pretty fugly (not in a good way), and the content is lacking. Content IS coming soon! Currently laying down the foundations for this website. Some pages work, most do not exist yet. I'm very excited to start using this site for cool shit!