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Support the internet archive! . . . . . . . Currently playing: Valheim. The new ashlands update dropped, kickstarting my friend group's annual Valheim playthrough for the year. I've been rocking the fenris equipment, but I'll definitely have to invest in magic for the Mistlands. . . . . . . I crafted my own D.I.Y. Sega Genesis controller. . . . . . . Wait, it's June already?

Behold,, the world's tackiest internet vibezone!

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Words such as SHIT, ASS, and FUCK will be said here from time to time. There also may be references to 21+ activities, such as drinking and smoking.

So, what is there to do around here?

I write stuff on my blog sometimes. I sort of just talk about whatever subject sounds interesting to write about. I mostly discuss my hobbies and other shenanigans I find myself into.

I spotlight videos and images on the featured page. There's also a list of links that will surely send you down some kind of rabbit hole.

I have a decent video game collection, which is documented in detail on my collection page. Not every game and accessory has a unique page quite yet, but someday they will. In those pages I typically write about my own personal experiences with the game/accessory, it's purpose, and more.

The gallery page serves as a place to view all images from my collection, as well as anything used in my blog posts. Ignore the shrines button, it doesn't go anywhere... yet.

Overall, I intend for this site to serve as a creative outlet for my writing, art, photography, music, or whatever else I feel like doing. Making a website in general is fun. I think that the internet is pretty cool, and I want to contribute to this endless expanse in some form.

I encourage everybody to claim a stake for themselves on the cyber frontier. There are many resources online to learn from, and it's really not as difficult as you might think it is. I wouldn't say that it's easy, but you don't have to be a stupid fucking nerd like me to figure it out. Neocities is a fun and simple avenue to build a website, and it's a great place to learn. Nekoweb is also pretty cool, and it's similar to Neocities but with many improvements. Also, they're both FREE!

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Happy websurfing!


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I Built My Own Sega Genesis Controller

The most comfortable controller ever constructed.

TOPIC: Toolbox

[June 3, 2024]