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Currently playing: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (patched wiiware port). It's very good!. . . . . . . George Foreman grills are awesome. My roommate and I found one WITH THE DRIP TRAYS while thrifting for $7. Many delicious borgurs have been grilled and consumed. . . . . . . Wait, it's already December?

Behold,, the world's tackiest internet vibezone!

What you are witnessing here is an operation in progress. Please report any dead links or site issues to noobsupreme!

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My priority focus on this site, besides the immaculate vibes, is my blog. I sort of just talk about whatever subject sounds interesting to write about. I mostly discuss my hobbies and other shenanigans I find myself into.

On the featured page, I spotlight new videos and images every Sunday. There's also a list of links that will surely send you down some kind of rabbit hole.

I have a pretty decent video game collection, which is documented in detail on my collection page. The page is currently still under construction. Currently, I have listed all of the games that I have, organized by platform, alphabetically (mostly). Someday I hope to have a page for every game in my collection. Collection pages typically contain more details on a given game, as well as my personal experiences with it and how it came to be in my collection. It's really sick to have a place to document my collection for my own records, as well as for other people to enjoy.

I hope to share my collecting experiences with anyone who is interested, as well as my general opinion on the games themselves. Most things in my collection are games that I enjoy playing, but there are a few things that I collect because they're fascinating oddities (like physical web browser discs, or gameboy cameras).

The latest in site news:

I intend for this site to serve as a creative outlet for my writing, art, photography, music, or whatever else I feel like doing. Making a website in general is fun, and is itself a fun art project. The internet is pretty cool, and I want to contribute to this endless expanse in some form.

I encourage everybody to claim their stake in this cyber frontier. There are many resources online to learn from, and it's really not as difficult as you might think it is. I wouldn't say that it's easy, but you don't have to be a stupid fucking nerd like me to figure it out. Neocities is a very fun and simple avenue to build a website, and is a great place to learn. It's also FREE and OPEN SOURCE! It's up to the users of the internet to build the internet that they want, not silicon valley!

If you like the way that I did something on my site, feel free to view the page source or inspect elements in your browser to see how I did it! You probably shouldn't copy and paste my code (not that I can stop you), but viewing my code might give you some ideas.

Happy websurfing!