Arcade Power Stick

Page contents last updated on March 29, 2024

Sega Genesis
Arcade stick

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I'm not normally one to prefer and arcade stick over a traditional controller, but the Arcade Power Stick truly does improve the experience of some games for me. I particularly enjoy using it for Streets of Rage, and I'm positive that it would be awesome for shmups like Truxton or Thunderforce II if one were to find its way into my collection.

The Arcade Power Stick has some weight to it, so it shouldn't be going anywhere if you place it on a table. The left-side of the power stick features a comfortable "groove" of sorts for your joystick-hand to rest as you play.

It sports turbo functions for the A, B, and C buttons, which can be toggled with the "megafire" buttons located above each face button. The speed of the turbo can be adjusted with a slider, however the speed affects the turbo for all buttons. The stick isn't clicky, which is unfortunate, but it still feels good to use. The joystick presses into a large rubber membrane, similarly to a D-pad on a standard controller and the Master System's arcade stick.

Also, there's a red LED above each face button that lights up whenever the button is pressed. It's a neat feature to indicate button presses, not that I'll be looking down at my joystick while playing.

There does exist a 6-button successor to the Arcade Power Stick, known simply in the states as the Arcade Power Stick II. I've never seen one of those in person, and I don't usually stumble upon many listings online so they're probably somewhat rare.