Sega Genesis

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Launch Years:
NA: 1989, EU: 1990 (Mega Drive), JP: 1988 (Mega Drive)

The Sega Genesis is where shit got real for Sega. While the Mega Drive weren't total failures in Europe and Japan, The Sega Genesis was kicking ass and taking names in North America. There were some periods where Sega was even outselling Nintendo, and taking a significant portion of the market for themselves.

The Genesis is the machine that Sega is best known for these days. The system was catered more towards the teenage market with its fast paced action games and arcade ports. LOADS of sports games came out for this thing.

Predecessor: Master System

Successor: Saturn

Games (23)

Title Genre CIB?
Aladdin Action Platformer In Box
Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle Platformer Loose Cart
Altered Beast Beat 'Em Up Complete In Box
Castlevania Bloodlines Action Platformer In Box
Comix Zone Beat 'Em Up Loose Cart
Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Puzzle Complete In Box
Mortal Kombat Fighting Complete In Box
NBA Jam Arcade Sports Complete In Box
Outrun 2019 Arcade Racing In Box
Phantasy Star II JRPG Loose Cart
Ristar Platformer Loose Cart
Rocket Knight Adventures Platformer Loose Cart
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi Action Platformer Complete In Box
Shining Force Tactical JRPG Loose Cart
Sonic The Hedgehog Platformer Complete In Box
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Platformer Complete In Box
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Platformer Complete In Box
Sonic and Knuckles Platformer Complete In Box
Sonic 3D Blast Isometric Platformer Loose Cart
Sonic Spinball Pinball Complete In Box
Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition Fighting Complete In Box
Streets of Rage Beat 'Em Up Loose Cart
Vectorman Run n' Gun Loose Cart


Genesis Arcade Power Stick

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