My Game Collection

Why Do I Collect Video Games?

Video games and video game history has always interested me. The stories of how my favorite games came to be, and the stories of overcoming tight technical limitations are endlessly fascinating to me. Video games are also like, really fun and I enjoy playing them.

Most of the games in my collection are games that I enjoy playing, or are in someway meaningful to me. However, there are some things that I collect simply because they're a novelty or they're just interesting.

I've been collecting my games since childhood. I've kept most of the games that I had as a kid; I got into retro collecting sometime around 2013 or 2014.


Note that if I note that a game is Complete In Box (CIB), I typically mean that it's in the box/case with it's manual. I might not always have every single insert, piece of styrofoam, or plastic baggie. I'll usually go into more detail on the condition of my particular copy on the game's page.

When I consider a game "loose", I mean that I only have the cartridge or disc, with nothing else. If I have unique accessories or inserts (like manuals or maps) with the game, but no box or case, I may consider it something like "loose w/ manual" or "loose w/ fishing rod".

Please also note that by "Games Owned" I am referring to how many unique games I own for that platform. I don't typically include any extra copies or other special variants unless it's so different that should be considered a standalone game (like Pokemon Red and Blue) or if it's the same game from a different region.

Current Total Game Count: 318

My collection page is organized by platform. You can view the games and accessories that I own for a platform by clicking one of the links below.

Platform Year Launched Games Owned Console Owned?
Atari 2600 NA: 1977, EU: 1978, JP:1983 13 Yes
Atari 5200 NA: 1982, EU: N/A, JP: N/A 1 No
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) NA: 1985, EU: 1986, JP: 1983(Famicom) 60 Yes
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) NA: 1991, EU: 1992, JP: 1990(Super Famicom) 17 Yes
Super Famicom (SFC) NA: 1991(SNES), EU: 1992(SNES), JP: 1990 3 Yes
Nintendo 64 NA: 1996, EU: 1997, JP:1996 13 Yes
Gamecube NA: 2001, EU: 2002, JP: 2001 12 Yes
Wii NA: 2006, EU: 2006, JP: 2006 6 Yes
Wii U NA: 2012, EU: 2012, JP: 2012 2 No
Switch NA: 2017, EU: 2017, JP: 2017 12 Yes
Gameboy NA: 1989, EU: 1990, JP: 1989 6 Yes
Gameboy Color NA: 1998, EU: 1998, JP: 1998 7 Yes
Gameboy Advance NA: 2001, EU: 2001, JP: 2001 13 Yes
DS NA: 2004, EU: 2005, JP: 2004 18 Yes
3DS NA: 2011, EU: 2011, JP: 2011 5 Yes
Master System NA: 1986, EU: 1987, JP: 1985(Mark III), 1987 6 Yes
Genesis NA: 1989, EU: 1990 (Mega Drive), JP: 1988 (Mega Drive) 24 Yes
Saturn NA: 1995, EU: 1995, JP: 1994 13 Yes
Dreamcast NA: 1999, EU: 1999, JP: 1998 12 Yes
Gamegear NA: 1991, EU: 1991, JP: 1990 7 Yes
Pico NA: 1994, EU: 1994, JP: 1993 2 Yes
Playstation NA: 1995, EU: 1995, JP: 1994 20 Yes
Playstation 2 NA: 2000, EU: 2000, JP: 2000 8 Yes
PSP NA: 2005, EU: 2005, JP: 2004 1 Yes
Xbox NA: 2001, EU: 2002, JP: 2002 16 Yes
Xbox 360 NA: 2005, EU: 2005, JP: 2005 13 Yes
Xbox One NA: 2013, EU: 2013, JP: 2014 6 Yes
Xbox Series X NA: 2020, EU: 2020, JP: 2020 1 No