Sony Playstation 2

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Launch Years:
NA: 2000, EU: 2000, JP: 2000

Sony knocked it out of the park with the successor to the Playstation. The PS2 was backwards compatible with most of the PS1's library, had its own amazing library, and it served as a very affordable DVD player (a big deal for the time it came out). To this day, the Playstation 2 is the best selling home console of all time. Games were still being released for this thing well into the PS3 era. This is certainly because of the unfathomably large install base that the PS2 had. The Madden series persisted on the PS2 until 2011, with the release of Madden 12. Some 7th gen titles, such as Sonic Unleashed, were ported to the PS2.

I have two PS2s, an NTSC (North American) model and an NTSC-J (Japanese) model. My North American PS2 is a 70000 slim model (the model with the power brick). My Japanese PS2 is one of those larger original models. Here in the states, those original models had large expansion bays in the back meant for housing IDE hard drives or whatever else you thought you could fit in there. However, my Japanese model has a PC-card slot which you can inspect here.

Predecessor: Playstation

Games (8)

Title Genre CIB?
Katamari Damacy Strategic Ball Rolling (weird as fuck) Complete In Box
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Stealth Action Complete In Box
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Stealth Action Complete In Box
Metropolismania 2 City Management / Life Simulation In Box, No Manual
Okami Action Adventure Complete In Box
Oni Beat 'Em Up Complete In Box
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus 3D Platformer Complete In Box
We Love Katamari Strategic Ball Rolling (weird as fuck) Loose Disc

Oddities & Memorabilia

8MB Sony Memory Card (Sealed)
Online Start-Up Disc 3.0 (Sealed)
Online Start-Up Disc 4.0 (Sealed)

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