Playstation Portable

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Launch Years:
NA: 2005, EU: 2005, JP: 2004

The Playstation Portable (PSP) was Sony's sleek, futuristic, and more expensive response to Nintendo's DS. Nintendo has historically had a vicegrip on the handheld gaming market, and Sony wanted to take them down a few pegs like they did in the TV console market. Games and movies were released on Sony's UMD format, which are these little optical discs encased in a plastic caddy.

The PSP is an impressive portable system. It's capable of playing nearly PS2-quality games on the go, which was a miraculous feat in 2005. It even has an analog stick! While it definitely sold well, I personally didn't know very many people who had one. I remember watching some episodes of Family Guy on one of my childhood friend's PSP. Nintendo continued to dominate the handheld market with the DS line, but the PSP certainly put a dent in its marketshare.

Games (1)

Title Genre CIB?
What Did I Do To Deserve This My Lord!? 2 Strategic Dungeon Management Complete In Box

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UMD Movie: "Without a Paddle"

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