Sega Saturn

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Launch Years:
NA: 1995, EU: 1995, JP: 1994

The Sega Saturn was a disaster for Sega. While Sega was moving forward with the next generation in Japan, the Genesis was still kicking in North America, and they weren't ready to move on just yet. The 32X, an addon meant to act as a sort of mid-gen upgrade for the Genesis, was intended to increase the life span of the Genesis. It did not achieve this.

The Saturn saw some success (especially early on in the generation) in Japan, but it never caught on in North America or Europe. Third party support was scarce, as the Saturn was very difficult to develop for (complex architecture, shitty dev kits); especially in comparison with Sony's new Playstation. Even though the Saturn was technically more capable than the Playstation, it was rarely fully realized by developers other than Sega. The Playstation was cheaper for developers and gamers, and many ports performed better on Playstation.

This review of V.R. Virtua Racing by PandaMonium features an interview with the devs, and provides an interesting insight on the arduous development cycle for the Sega Saturn. Check it out!

Due to the Saturn not selling very well in the States, all games for the Saturn, even dogshit ones, are stupid expensive. Most of the games that I have in my collection are Japanese imports because they are way cheaper and much more common. The Japanese market also got WAY more games than any other region. I run them on an American Saturn, with an action replay backup cartridge installed to soft-region-unlock my system.

In the table below, I'll mention if my copy of a game is a North American (NA) or Japanese (JP) copy. An asterisk* by the region will indicate that the game is exclusive to that region.

Predecessor: Genesis

Successor: Dreamcast

Games (13)

Title Genre CIB? Region
Astal 2D Platformer Loose Disc NA
Bust-A-Move 2 Puzzle Complete In Box NA
Dark Savior RPG Loose Disc NA
Nights Into Dreams (Not for Resale) Arcade Complete In Box NA
Nights Into Dreams: Christmas Sampler Arcade, Demo Disc Partial Sleeve NA
Puyo Puyo 2 Puzzle Complete In Box JP*
Sega Rally: Championship Arcade Racing Complete In Box JP
Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park Virtual Pet Complete In Box JP*
Sonic R On-foot Racing Complete In Box JP
Sotsugyou Album Anime Girl Slideshow(wtf?) Complete In Box JP*
Vatlva Vehicular Combat Complete In Box JP*
Virtua Cop Light Gun Shooter Complete In Box JP
Virtua Cop 2 Light Gun Shooter Complete In Box JP


3D Control Pad
Stunner Gun (x2)
6-Player Multitap
Action Replay Cartridge

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