Nintendo 64

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Launch Years:
NA: 1996, EU: 1997, JP: 1996

Nintendo partnered with Silicon Graphics when developing the N64, who were known for their powerful 3D rendering workstations used often in the movie industry. As was the case with all systems in this console generation, developers were still trying to figure out what it meant to have a Z-axis.

The triple-handled controller designed for aliens isn't that bad. I think it works well for many games, especially first-party Nintendo titles. Some games have strange controls, but that's also just a product of being a 3D game in the mid-to-late 1990s. I don't think that the N64 controller itself is always to blame for bad controls.

The sticks are pretty terrible though. Over time, the completely-plastic innards of the N64 stick literally gets ground into dust. I wouldn't say that the sticks feel bad to use when they're in good condition, but they are poorly constructed and probably have a short lifespan if used frequently.

Predecessor: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Successor: Gamecube

Games (13)

Title Genre CIB?
1080 Snowboarding Extreme Sports Loose Cart
Bomberman Hero 3D Platformer Loose Cart
Castlevania 64 Action Adventure Complete In Box
Diddy Kong Racing Kart Racing Loose Cart
Doom 64 First Person Shooter Loose Cart
Golden Eye 007 First Person Shooter Loose Cart w/ Manual
Jet Force Gemini 3D Action Adventure Loose Cart
Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask Action Adventure Loose Cart
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Action Adventure Loose Cart w/ Manual
Mario Kart 64 Kart Racing Loose Cart
Mega Man 64 Action Adventure Loose Cart
Perfect Dark First Person Shooter Loose Cart
Super Mario 64 3D Collectathon Platformer Loose Cart


Expansion Pak
Rumble Pak
Memory Card (Performance Brand)

Oddities & Memorabilia

"Nintendo 64: Change The System" VHS Promo Tape

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